About Us

George and Tony’s paths crossed several years ago, both having relocated to Austin, Texas from New York City. Both enjoyed long-standing and successful institutional investment careers.

However, something was lacking. Based on a mutual desire to make a positive contribution in some form, the pair immediately found common ground when discussing global health issues, and in particular, the needs of our growing elderly population. However, a mutual affinity for sports of all types and our love/hate relationship with NYC didn’t hurt in bringing the two together.

Furthermore, Tony was moved by George’s personal story of having to place his father in a memory care facility. Through George’s experience, we were inspired to create Clarity Senior Care. The formation of Clarity Senior Care was the result of shared stories, experiences, and desires of individuals and healthcare providers in the community.

The goal of our non-profit is to provide individuals with a set of powerful tools to assist them in addressing a wide-range of senior care needs. Our goal is to help you navigate the senior care selection process and prepare you and your loved ones for what is to come. Specifically, we strive to educate end-users in a wide range of topics, from learning about and evaluating the many care-based resources and options available, to determining how to best approach the often burdensome financial requirements associated with senior care.

Based on his own experience evaluating senior care options, George is a big believer in providing a holistic senior care educational experience. Along these lines, Clarity Senior Care end-users can use our video modules to learn about the diagnostic and financial aspects associated with senior care, as well as providing one-on-one advisory resources for end-users in immediate need of senior care consultation.

Frankly, there exists a troubling lack of knowledge when it comes to the topic of senior care, which is why we are here. Clarity Senior Care is committed to providing the educational resources and advice to help you access and pay for senior care.

Mission Statement

We strive to be a leader in senior care education, providing unbiased advice, insight, and support for families in need of care.

We want to define our mission, as an organization that puts the needs of the individual first by leveraging the expertise and knowledge of the highest quality and ethical healthcare providers across the country.

More About Clarity Senior Care

We are a non-profit senior care education provider that educates and empowers seniors and their loved ones regarding their health care options across the continuum of care.

We do this by providing transparency about quality and cost of care through web-based educational training that leverages our provider network.

We strive to provide the most relevant senior care education, in order to positively benefit individuals in the community regardless of their own unique personal and financial circumstances.

For more Information, please feel free to email us at info@clarityseniorcare.org or call us at 1-800-818-8710